Senior Wellness Check-In Program

  • 2 check in calls per week
  • 2 2 hour visits by highly qualified caregiving staff per month
  • Discounted home care services as needed
  • Transportation to Dr. Appointments
  • Medication box visualization/reporting

We know living far away from your aging loved one can cause stress and sadness. Or maybe your busy schedule leaves you wondering how your loved one is doing?

We can implement our program called Tailored Wellness Check-in into your loved one’s life to give you peace of mind. One of our care staff will call your loved one and speak to them 2 times per week. Unlike an automated call, our trained staff will ask key questions to ensure they are safe at home. If your loved one doesn’t answer, we will continue to try to reach them throughout the day. If we cannot get a hold of them, we will send one of our staff to their home for a wellness check-in visit and alert you as needed.

During our 2 hour visits twice a month, we will ensure your loved one is taking their medication, provide light housekeeping, grocery shop, reduce clutter and provide companionship. This can prevent falls, ensure your loved one is taking their medication and evaluate their mental state.  

With this service, we may be able to catch many life threatening illnesses before they progress; stroke, urinary tract Infections, dementia and heart attack.  We can coordinate emergency care if needed or help your loved one schedule an appointment with their doctor. We can provide transportation services within the 4 hours per month or schedule additional hours for appointments at a discounted hourly rate.

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See how a wellness check-in service might keep your loved one in their home longer and enrich their life!